$50,000 cash + $50,000 program costs in Equity Investment with a $150,000 convertible note
You will receive a cash investment of $50,000 for only 8% equity in your biotech startup followed by a $150k convertible note at 20% discount for a grand total of $250k in funding.


In-house BSL Level 1 and 2 Lab and Co-working in downtown San Francisco

IndieBio operates in a fully-equipped BSL-1 and BSL-2 lab in downtown San Francisco, the birthplace of the biotechnology industry. Our Lab includes all of the necessary pieces of lab equipment needed for routine molecular biology, microbiology and chemistry, with access to more advanced equipment at UCSF’s core lab.


Mentorship for science and entrepreneurship

You’ll be mentored by a global group of the most talented, successful and provocative minds in Biotechnology, Technology and Business. Our mentors will support you from bench to market.


Demo Day to pitch to a group of biology focused VC’s and angel investors

After the program ends, you’ll pitch to potential investors for follow on funding. Training in communications, marketing, networking and pitching is given throughout the program. We work with you to unleash the potential of your company and your team to build the best company possible.


Apply Early

Applicants whose applications arrive early, get to talk to us early. Applicants accepted early can begin preparations and work earlier. Don’t work to a deadline or waste time polishing your application; just submit your team, your idea, and your plans, and we’ll iron out the details later. APPLY NOW!