At, we are devoted to funding and building biotech startups dedicated toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems with Life itself.

We’re committed to building a future where biology is not only a field of study, but a technology that will help solve our culture’s most challenging problems. From feeding a growing population, to providing energy and rare inputs for our increasingly connected economies, to treating or curing the maladies that limit or kill us, Biotech promises us solutions we’ve only dreamed of in the past.

IndieBio is short for Independent Biology, a new way for scientists, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers to shape their own destiny and make something that matters. At, we provide seed funding and intensive mentorship to drive this transition in only three months, then launch our graduate companies into the world of biotechnology to make their fortune, buffered by our many partners and alumni and ready to excel.

Independent biologists are now building tomorrow’s breakthrough biotech companies. If you are driven to change the world around you, then stop waiting: Apply now!

IndieBio is accepting applications for our next program, which run twice per year (once in the spring and once in the summer), successful teams will receive, significant funding, dedicated lab and co-working space and extensive mentorship.